Michelin e-Wheel makes even awesome wheels look outdated.


When is a wheel not a wheel, well when it’s a ewheel completely eliminating the need for many aspects of a cars engine to disappear from under the hood. The Michelin man and a company named Valeo have agreed to collaborate on an “electric and rechargeable hybrid vehicle system” the system itself would include the engine, drive train, a cooling system for batteries, climate control, lighting and energy management and even tires. The first thing to come out of this partnership is known as the E-Wheel, it utilizes Michelin’s own active wheel technology that embeds two electric wheels inside the hub of the tire one for power and one for full active suspension.

090216-ewheel-02I mean this isn’t the next big fad or another diet pill like Stimerex ES. This is a real break through and a groundbreaking change from how things would be done. I mean active suspension is an amazing idea and Bose had a system for it a while back but we never saw it make it into many non-superrich cars but with the ability to pretty much completely remove all road bumps it’s a great move. And moving the actual propulsion to the wheel itself it greatly improves performance and efficiency of the engines themselves. The design completely removes the need for gearboxes, drive shafts, and pretty much the entire car suspension as it’s currently known. The only thing I think they haven’t confirmed is that the tires are runflat tires I mean thta would really top the cake on these wicked wheels.

Venturi has already demonstrated these new e-wheels in their Volage concept car and proven that they are as awesome as they sound. Their only looking now for a major manufacturing auto maker to take it to the next level and design and produce a car full blown.

Personally I don’t understand what the hell is wrong with GM and the rest of the US automakers, you’ve got congress bashing you to make huge changes in your cars and to respark the industry and you have revolutionary platforms like this ready at the drop of a dime what the hell are they waiting for? Oh ya knowing the US big 3 their probably going to try to reinvent it in a “better” way that takes 30 years, we’ll probably end up seeing it in some Indian ultra-mini car before the big 3 take it on.

Source: RegHardware

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