Ruckus music service waives goodbye on the way out.


It looks like competition has widdled things out to be a little bit too thin for some companies in the downloadable market, and the latest company to walk past the exit signs and close shop is Ruckus Music. It hung on for quite some time even though it was pretty well forgotten when you remember it was up against online music giants like Microsoft and Apple not to mention the countless number of other small online download websites and networks.

The fact that their closing is not surprising but it’s a little bit surprising how they did it, I mean their website all of a sudden just points to the image you see at the top of the post. This does however make me wonder, how many users did they have? Did they use DRM? Because if so they basically screwed the DRM users that bought their music. Or did they actually have no users left that they managed to just close it off without having to worry about things like disappointing users?

Source: Engadget

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