Zune + iPod = weird looking fake MP4?

2-6-09-qq-k805-dapYou know of you look up the stuff that comes out of china, you’ll find everything from bootleg Xbox consoles to bootleg Nixon watches. Considering how popular the iPod is you can bet yourself their have been fake iPod’s in the past.

But considering theirs a war between Microsoft’s Xbox and Apple’s iPod instead of making a fake of each, one Chinese company decided to combine the 2, the case and screen size of the iPod and general layout but the round circle (Yet not iPod quality clicker wheel). For those looking for the worst resolution out of the 3 but actually some pretty nice features such as lots of codec support, USB2 and microSD slot then it might not be all bad to buy the QQ K805. But then remember it is that crappy Chinese knock off quality, so don’t be expecting anything relevantly as good quality as the real zune or ipod.

Source: DAP Review

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