Does it really matter if Global Warming exists or not?

Ok this post has been coming for quite some time but I think it’s time I get a few things off my chest that have been frustrating me about the scientific community, specifically the wasted energy and double sided politically minded crap going on in regard to the existence of Global Warming and humanities part in it. I’m not a scientist, I’m a 25 year old technician from Florida living in the Caribbean with my wife, but I’m still proud as hell to be American, that is unless I start hearing about how some scientists believe that Global Warming doesn’t exist and other say it do and how it is going to affect the future of America and the world.

The question I pose in this post is one in which does the existance really matter, I mean how does believing in global warming affect where the United States and the world at a whole is going affect our choices? I mean our main problem started out being that fossil fuels are finite and will be exhausted relatively soon. Then some people even started saying that all these nasty chemicals and build up were causing the planet to heat up, yada yada yada.

So as it works out we need to quickly move to renewable energies as quickly as possible from day 1 because on our current path we’re screwed because we will run out of fossil fuels anyway. So by reducing our usage of them and moving to renewable energies we solve that issue. The other issue seen is the fact that Oil comes from some of the most unstable regions in the world many that aren’t exactly friendly to US government or people. Now regardless of global warmings existence by moving to energy the US can make on it’s own aren’t we also solving this issue as well and keeping the energy cash in the hands of high tech countries that are either the US itself or from mostly countries we are allies with?

Heres the issue if Global Warming doesn’t exist we still have to tackle the issues of who we’re paying for our energy, and the fact that fossil fuels are running out. If Global Warming does exist the problems are the same just 1 more added pressure that pushes us to get things done even faster. So you see the question of whether Global Warming exists is pretty much a moot point because whether it exists or not we still need to do something about it to solve our other two looming problems.

The only effect I can see over the Global Warming nay-sayers complaining in the press and to congress, etc,  is to delay the move away from oil. Which can only really be sponsored by oil manufaturers as thats the only people I can believe that would want to delay and hide the reasons for moving away from fossil fuels. Personally I believe in the problem of Global Warming, but more so I believe that we’re using a resource that is dwindling, and we are shiping cash on a daily basis to rogue nations.

The move to renewable energies needs to change it’s attack strategy, because big oil keeps using the “global warming might not be real” doubt to put doubt into peoples minds even if they can’t stop the transition away from oil they can slow it by making people doubt the need for the transition. The lack of oil reserves, and the fact of who gets the cash are major cases for the shift away from fossil fuels. I mean increased mileage in cars was even the sounding of debate based about global warming? How exactly is increasing mileage on cars a bad thing, why should be that a stomping ground for a global warming debate, the fact is we’re running out of oil so shouldn’t we be making the most of it anyway?

I pose the question does global warmings existence really matter in the way we’re moving forward in our path towards the future of the planet. We want cleaner solutions, I’m sorry but global warming or not, I’m sick of vacationing places that have so much smog and discuting fumes in the air from cars and in areas with oil buring electrical plants. I’m sick of any rogue nations decision to hold off oil a little bit affecting the entire worlds economy because we all rely on oil from their unstable regions. Since when did polution become something that was debated over, last I checked polution was a problem regardless of global warming, it just happens that Global Warming was given as a “possible” outcome from all the polution humans cause. I’m sick of the bickering back and forth over whether global warming exists! We need to make a change, renewable energies aren’t for the global warming advocates or nay-sayers it’s for everyone because theirs more than 1 issue we’re dealing with theirs more than 1 reason pushing the move to a carbon neutral society.

This is all my opinion of course and as I said I’m just a 25 year old technician but isn’t it time that business and politics stopped delaying what needs to be done over stupid idiocincracies. The way I see it we know we’re poluting the planet everyone agrees, we know theirs finite oil left, we know the regions with oil are unstable, yet we’re still for some reason bickering over 1 of the probably hundreds of issues that our ways are affecting the planet and our lives? Since when did the other reasons become less important, and why is global warming overshadowing the others to the point that it gets hung up and stops progressing the solution?

Anyway it’s just a 2 cents from the back of my mind on the issues how I see them

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