Windows 7 RC1 Gets surprise new features!

Windows 7 gests new background

Well the day is hear, ok it’s not RTM but Microsoft’s RC1 of Windows 7 has released and oh boy theirs some goodies inside. Personally I wasn’t expecting anything new for the Release Candidate of Windows 7 but apparently Microsoft didn’t want us to be disappointed with just a few bug fixes and included some odd yet awesome enhancements. No the “Windows 7 new user interface” wasn’t included that has been rumored to be coming, then again most people agree if that does make it into Windows 7 (any significant Windows UI changes) they will hold it off until the last moment with internal testing and finally RTM.

One quick new feature as Gizmodo pointed out earlier is the awesome new backgrounds that are both odd yet entertaining especially coming from Microsoft who’s normally very well… stuckup, but then again maybe their background choice group is being entertaining I mean first the “Beta” fish and now we have wacky backgrounds in our first Release Candidate.

Windows 7 WMP gains internet sharing

Windows 7 Release Candidate.

1’s other noticeable feature is the fact that you can now stream your Media Library to other computers. It’s all covered via Windows Media Player’s Remote Media Sharing. It allows you to stream your media over the Internet via your Windows Live ID that you associate with your Windows 7 user account via a small downloadable file (wow Microsoft really isn’t including anything excess to protect from those antitrust buzzards aren’t they). But as other tech junkies have pointed out this should also allow them to leave the possibility of it being extended later to cover signings via OpenID or other services. Both your Main PC and your other PCs that your trying to share the library with need the same version of Windows Media Player, but once that’s done and both are using the same Live ID or your on a Live ID that you’ve shared your library with (yes you can share it). The library will be accessible via the “Other Libraries” right below your own local library on that computer and can be browsed and used just like the standard library. Definitely a big bitch slap to the iTunes lovers that think their bonafide text list is nice (Sorry guys I’m a zune marketplace lover).

Windows 7 XP Compatibility Mode

If that wasn’t an awesome enough feature apparently Microsoft decided that sneaking in a nice home user feature wasn’t fare without also adding a secretish feature for the Workstation crew and to make all those business users that shunned Vista happy. A full Windows XP Mode is included with Windows 7 for those stubborn business apps that just refuse to get updated to work with the latest operating systems and API’s. It basically takes your app and runs it inside of a complete Windows XP virtual environment so that it has 100% windows xp compatability. The downside I suppose you could call is that that like the above sharing mode that WMP got, theirs a small download required to activate this feature, a small price to pay for full compatability. Personally I hope both items are included on the final RTM dvd, as their both pretty solid ideas with great potential for making lots of people happy.

Customization seems to be the other thing they decided to take a tap at and as you can see below, courtesy of Gizmodo there’s some pretty wicked and well trippy backgrounds that I truely pray aren’t a joke and do indeed make their way into RTM along with hopefully more, as I know I love the second one and people in my office and home have already picked their favorite Wacky Desktops. I suppose the only features that seems to still not be present that has me a bit upset that fits into this category, is the Desktop RSS feed editable via a decent builtin control panel page, and the ability to also easily set the logon ui without third party tools or having to edit the registry :( But hey we still probably have RC2 and RTM to go :)

window 7 backgrounds window 7 backgrounds window 7 backgrounds window 7 backgrounds window 7 backgrounds window 7 backgrounds window 7 backgrounds

That’s just the latest features to be discovered lets not forget the extensive list of previously mentioned updated features in RC1, as well as the tweaks to aeropeek, and general improvements and bug swashes that took place since the last beta. I’ll repost the list on a post soon of all the other features that Microsoft says they adjusted since the last beta into RC1.

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