Notice some speed improvements? See I do care :)

fast-loading-websiteWell if your visiting the site today you might notice that the sites loading a good bit faster, this is thanks to some major debugging on my side to figure out what the hell was going on. With the help of FireBug and YSlow (awesome tool really, you can check both of them out in the firefox addon catalog). I managed to rein things in to 3 factors, larger than necessary images, misplaced javascripts and a widget i loved but was causing things to slow down way too much.

1. The image sizes, ok heres something awesome for those of you guys with wordpress blogs, as you know I just moved to wordpress… GO INSTALL WP Smush it’s frigging awesome, YSlow pointed me to try out YSmushIt, and after i saw that many of my images on the homepage alone could save 10-30% in size with 0 loss I decided to check and yep their was a wordpress plugin (god isn’t their a wordpress plugin for everything). Basically what it does is it sends the image before post or upon request from the media library to Yahoo!’s SmushIt API and it in turn strips away excess metadata and colors in indexed images and returns you a streamlined clean image. This plugin reduced load times and bandwidth consumption a little.

2. Javascript love, Ok I love my java and so do the advertisers but it was getting a little wacky their were 20 javascripts external running on this page, WP Minify fixed this up and compressed them into 1 tidy file (well theres still the advertisers but thats because they don’t play nice with Wp Minify yet so i had to add an exception)

3. The last thing that I changed to day is the pretty category cloud is gone, I know it was pretty but in reality it wasn’t really that useful, but the main reason it’s gone is because well… it halted page load times quite a bit and almost doubled the page load time, a big no no for my site.

So anyway hope you guys notice the speed improvements and they help in the experience on the site. As for updates to the site I’ll be getting back to posting probably at the end of the month as that’s when I’m hopefully going to be back in my own apartment :) YAY

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