Where the heck have I been?!?

movingstuffSo where the hell have I been, moving that’s where or shall I say in the middle of moving. See we were supposed to be moving into a new apartment closer to my and my wifes jobs to cut our travel time in 1/3 but it turns out that since our contract was up at the old place we had to move out before the new place was ready (it was a brand new unfinished apartment we were waiting on). So we’ve been living in my mother-in-law’s house for a 2 months now going on 3 waiting for the new apartment to be ready.

Well finally this week we got the news that it’s done and we went to see it and definitly will be moving in, we’re just waiting on word from the owners on final price and the ok for us to move in and we’ll be moved in. I’ll be back to posting and updating the site on a regular basis at that point but as it currently stands I’m still working on getting a new computer as well as my desktop barely wanted to come on before we moved, so after sitting off for 3 months in a box I doubt it will even turn back on, but fear not one way or another I’ll be back to updating the site on a regular basis and hopefully much more actively than even before we moved as I really want to get back into the multiple daily updates and not just the big news announcements that I hear about. But more on that will be coming soon after we get moved in and I get a new computer up and running.

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