World’s teeny tiniest vga displays cell sized pixels!

tinyvgadisplayYou won’t be seeing any dotpitch in between these cell sized pixels with the entire LCD display measuring only 0.27 inches and sporting an impressive 600×480 resolution. This is probably the most definitive bit of information that micro-displays are getting sharper and more advanced.

This latest display prototype is Kopin Corporation which had to shrink the individual color pixel dots down to 2.9 x 8.7 µm to reach this standard just for a bit of reference the basic human hair is 100 µm wide, meaning these dots are 2% of that basically much closer to the size of a red blood cell in our body than anything else.

No one can really complain about fidelity at this insane pixel density, but Kopin promises that the development is a necessity so that they can later scale the same technology up to doing 2048×2048 displays on the size or slightly smaller than the typical postage stamps. Kind of funny isn’t it all those big boss people screaming how their TV’s are “True HD because they do 1080p, LOL just now a screen the size of a postage stamp will have the same resolution, and god forbid you start imagining if they scaled it up to full you know 24” screen sizes :) Can’t wait to see the video cards to push something like that :) Ahhh don’t you just love the way technology keeps leaping forward every day.

Source: BusinessWire

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