Cities XL Beta upcoming preview.

citiesxlA lot of my visitors may have not heard of CitiesXL, and that’s mainly my fault as it’s slipped under my radar along with the fact that I┬áhaven’t really been updating the site as often as I should, but things are changing for the better in the near future. As beyond the reviews of generic big tech events, I’m also going to start doing previews and reviews of games and software that I get access to. Thanks to the friendly people at Cities XL’s development company they allowed me to participate in the beta since last night and after I figure out how everythings works I’ll be starting off this new trend of full reviews and previews with Cities XL as the first.

I tried really hard to get some of those cities xl beta keys to give away but alas they didn’t have any further available for giveaways but if that changes I’ll be sure to get some for my most loyal visitors. After only 1 night with the beta i’ll say this much it’s definitly a hell of an experience, and blows things like simcity out of the water, but like any beta it’s a work in progress and it shows. But more information will come after I, you know actually do the proper tutorial and have a city that’s not about as bad off as california’s budget is :).

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