Many many headaches soon to be gone forever!

After a long break from NexTechNews, I should be back to posting at a regular level again in the next week or 2, why, you ask? Well simple the server will soon no longer suck, we already moved to the new Quad Core 6600 and 8gb of ram monster. But the site is still slow, why? Because we were running all of our blogs in a virtual server, which honestly sucks. So we’re moving now to PHP 5.2.13 (5.3.2 is buggy as shit on fastcgi), IIS7, Server 2008, and WinCache 1.1 to keep things really fast :)

This should all be active by the end of March on all of our websites, will keep everyone posted as things progress.

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2 Responses to Many many headaches soon to be gone forever!

  1. cchance says:

    W00T Got Disqus working on the new server!

  2. cchance says:

    Sites now running on windows :D