Do you hate Internet Explorer? I do

God honest, I’m a diehard firefox/chrome user, actually more chrome as lately firefox has just been feeling slow to me even without plugins. But this morning I had a surprise… I installed the IE9 beta, as a joke just to laugh at IE once more… but OH MY GOD, Microsoft must have taken drugs or something, the interface is beautiful, theirs a download manager, and speed… the speed is UNBELIEVEABLE, i mean i honestly thought i was using chrome, but no, i wasn’t I was in internet explorer, and even moreso, it felt faster than chrome, apparently their DirectX acceleration is working because WOW.

So far I haven’t had any rendering issues, and apparently its now very standards compliant gaining a 95 on the Acid3 test, the highest ever for a microsoft browser. Honestly I’m sitting here and can’t believe i’m actually considering starting to use IE again as my default browser, I’ve already installed it on my laptop/work pc and home pc today, and on all of them it flies.

One thing i really love, is that when it starts up it warns you if you have plugins that are taking long to start up and slowing the browser, i imidiately clicked it and killed a bunch of things, java taking 3 seconds to load WTF, the graph it shows you of plugin start times makes it easy, i mean 99.99999% of sites have 0 java ever and its taking up like 95% of startup time. turned that off and some others and wow now start performance is equally impressive less than a second.

This is NOT a sponsored message, this is my honest opinion and i’d definitly recommend everyone to take a shot and install IE9, you might be surprised, yes its a beta so be careful its probably still got some bugs, but then again doesn’t IE6/7/8, i doubt it could ever we worse than them.

Source: InHouse / IE9 Download Page

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