Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Video FINALLY RELEASED!

What can I say but HOLY SHIT! I was in the multiplayer alpha and yes it was good i’m talking extremely well put together and balanced, you can see it was going to be intense, but there was only 1 personel carrier for the attackers so it honestly felt a little bit like COD on steroids… But after seeing this video of the real multiplayer for the game with them confirming jets in multiplayer, helicopters, and a bunch of other stuff holy crap… This game just because a MUST BUY.

You can catch the video below, and for the love of god please watch it in high def full screen, and while youtube doesn’t really capture it just stand knowing that all those epic bullet sounds and flybys are going to be epic! As the alpha I was in nailed the indoor battle’s and small scale combat that COD is famous for and apparently now this video shows that DICE is bringing their A game when it comes to there awe inspiring massive missions with massive outdoor campaign warfare…

Battlefield 3 doesn’t stand to be the game of the year, Battlefield 3 IS THE GAME OF THE DECADE, the alpha was amazing, the videos of whats coming are astounding and seriously this is the best I have ever seen or imagined coming any time soon. Battlefield 3 deserves to crush all the competitors and this is coming from someone who loved both BF and COD and HALO, BF3 is THAT EPIC!

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