Windows 8 Gets real new features announced

Well Windows 8 is getting a new UI, and it looks like this is continuing to look good, with an announcement of a new copy and paste UI that truely is a leap forward from even windows 7 that was better than the old vista, its great to see Microsoft pushing things forward so quickly, From XP to Vista to 7 we saw a great improvement and now with Windows 8 things are stepping up further. The Copy and Paste for files looks great with single box copying windows, with statistics and more details that blew me away, it might finally be an end to the need for things like teracopy.

The UI really does look sharp, and the video at the end of the article goes to show its not just a fancy new box joining things together, you have graphs that will really make performance monitoring on network copys much easier, and visually appealing even moreso than teracopy ever had.

It’s actually a little scary when i saw the screen to the left, why? Because its actually like Microsoft unlike some other companies has started to listen to it’s customers, and implement features that set it apart and actually make the computing experience, dare i say… Better, with filtering by location for conflicts, as well as highlighting differences between the conflicts so you can make smart choices on which one you really intend to keep.

The video below is of the demonstration and goes to show the above 2 scenarios as well as some other adjustments in the copy and paste process that really just are great improvements that have been coming for a long time. You see this is a proper OS update, New entire UI’s bringing features and improvements people have been wanting and asking for, unlike a certain Lion that turned out to be quite lackluster and sort of useless.

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