RIM in biiiiigggg trouble

293635I work for probably the last company on earth that still sells Blackberry’s as our primary product, then again I live in a pretty backwater island. I’ve told people constantly that we need to get a move on catching up with the way the rest of the world is going I mean you go to the US and you will nearly NEVER see a blackberry, even windows is starting to slowly make a comeback seeing EU rising to over 3% recently meanwhile news has hit that RIM’s Manufacturer warehouses are apparently sitting on… wait for it … ONE BILLION DOLLARS worth of merchandise LMFAO!

Seriously this isn’t me making it up, and this figure is RIM’s warehouse. NOT the retailers store rooms, which by a walk through manhattan recently is anything to go by any stock said retailers had, is probably majorly gathering dust as no one is even considering buying them.

I’m still trying to catch up on what all happened but I also hear that trading on RIM stock has been or will be suspended, and that RIM is currently hiring outside bank’s and research groups to recommend how to move forward. At this point I think everything is on the block from selling out their patents or the company itself, to bide time until there new OS is ready and then truly pray for a miracle that it gets picked up fast.

This coming hot on the heels of more and more executives seeing the writing on the wall apparently as they leave, all of executive positions with the company. A lot more than just a company shakeup from even the minor observers. At the rate that RIM is going there going to have to have a huge amount of US Money Reserves to be able to pull this one out of the trash. I mean you’ve now got Microsoft announcements for WP8 upcoming and apple and google hitting HARD. they really needed to release there new OS like a year ago to even think about being competitive in this day and age.

Source: News Observer

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