Windows 8 Release Preview… ITS INCOMING

Well we knew it was coming but Microsoft apparently on a roll lately, is actually preempting there “First week of June” release timeframe by planning to release it On the 31st a Day early. It was leaked due to a mistakenly posted blog post announcing it that went up what appears to be a few hours too soon.

That said we haven’t got the official download links yet but as soon as they are out please check back and we’ll hook you up with the direct links to grab the new release.

For those that bitched, this is build 8400 that’s coming not 8250, RELEASE PREVIEW NOT CONSUMER PREVIEW. There’s been people on a bunch of sites whining that don’t realize there’s a difference between release and consumer previews.

Update: It’s HERE! I know i was late as hell as updating this post with the download link

On the bright side the fact that i’m so late does come with the nice fact that i have managed to get a good look at everything, and while theres no huge glaring changes in the Release preview the big boys at microsoft have done an awesome job fixing some of the smaller and more annoying changes as well as just truely hardening up the entire process to make it a solid new platform that i’m pretty sure  will make everyone happy when it does go RTM.

They have been adjusting and tweaking so much, but that’s to be expected since the new platform has to be able to support brand new mouses and keyboards and graphics cards, to slightly old hp 1200’s that we might be using in our offices.

We have already switched our entire office over to the new OS or atleast major parts of the technical department as a way to see how things will preform when we have to roll it out for the rest of the company. And after a few days of the new start screen driving people nuts everyones back to chugging along and i must say it is nice to sit at 1 screen and see updates…. I can’t wait till some of the corporate apps get live tiles so we can watch the start screen for emails/alerts/and other items from both the internet and our internal corp software platforms.

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