Web Design and Hosting Review

I am a psychotherapist with a recently opened private practice and was looking for some options for web design and hosting. I knew absolutely nothing about setting up a web page or developing any type of online presence. I first heard of Network Solutions at the suggestion of a colleague who had been with their work. After looking up the company and finding glowing reviews, I decided to go for it.  I’m finding I could not be happier, particularly after hearing some of the horror stories from colleagues going through the same process.
Setting up my website was, honestly, an absolute breeze. I received exactly what I was looking for as simply and quickly as possible. From the very beginning, I was able to understand where I was in the process. I easily went from a simple idea to the fruition of an actual website. It’s crazy to think I have my own website now!
The prices were fantastic, particularly compared to some competing companies and I’ve have no issues whatsoever with service. I decided to use a personalized email through my website and find the interface is very easy to use and fits seamlessly with my smartphone, so I’m still able to interact with clients on the go.  There was only one point that required me to phone in and actually speak with someone. They were patient and spoke to me in a way I could easily understand. I would choose Network Solutions for web design and hosting again.
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