Should your firm outsource it’s IT needs?

Information technology (IT) is like any other system through which a product flows. It is only as good as its infrastructure, and advances in technology will lead to infrastructure obsolescence more rapidly than planners would like to believe. Unlike conventional transportation infrastructure, however, IT must handle many types of data, from voice to video to binary data, and it must handle them all gracefully. No single enterprise information technology can be expected to keep up with all aspects of telecommunications and information technology. Putting that much effort into something other than the central focus of the business is just not cost effective. For all but the largest, most intensively data drive businesses, the better choice is to contract out IT needs. Using a contractor means that a trained and experienced engineer plans every phase of the IT system, from the nature of the connection to the backbone to the interface that employees or customers will use to interact with the system. Experts set up a way to interface video and audio with more conventional data to provide seamless customer relations, training, and other information presentation and communications capability. A good IT contractor has employees with the latest skills and the ability to implement exactly the feature set that the client needs and to change it over time if required. Contracting for IT services can have a positive influence on a company’s bottom line in both short term and long term contexts. It simply makes sense.

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