Stopping the Flow of Counterfeit Money

Is your company at risk of taking counterfeit coins or dollar bills without even knowing it? Taking fake bills or coins could cost your company millions of dollars a year in lost profits and could also erode the confidence that your customers have in your brand. If you try to deposit that money at a bank, your business could be investigated for fraud.

The good news is that there are many ways to determine if a bill is fake. The first sign that a bill is fake is if it is a $20 bill. While not all $20 bills are fake, they are the most common bill to be counterfeited because they are the most commonly used bill in circulation. As a general policy all bills higher than $20 should be written on with a pen that will turn the bill a certain color if it is fake.

Another possibility is to buy machines that can determine if a bill is fake before it is accepted as payment. The machine may use LCD panels and other materials to scan the bill for any irregularities that may reveal it to be counterfeit bill. If stopped soon enough, you may be able to weed out customers who are deliberately trying to scam your company.

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