Building Websites with Reliability.

Building a site takes a lot of skill and knowledge. If you don’t understand HTMl or how to make a mobile website, you’re pretty much going to rely on free site builders to make a site happen for you. That’s not really going to get you any higher on page results. That’s why site builders have become so popular. However, there aren’t too many that offer the right packages with all of the things that you need to be successful in both page design and ecommerce creation. has a ton of different packages just for this purpose. They provide you with a free site builder, domain name, disk storage space, FTP, data transfers and marketing tools. This is best deal right now for building a site quickly and easily without having to hire someone to customize a layout and build everything from scratch. has hundreds of different layouts and templates so that no matter what you want to do with your site, you can find the right aesthetic and organization for your web site. Most small businesses need a site to deliver a professional grade design. allows you to customize and pick your own layout according to whatever business you have. You can also hire’s development team to create a perfectly customized site with a seamless store and marketing tools. You get a content management system that allows you to add, edit and delete pages as well as create your own content based off of the marketing analytics tools included in your package. Best of all, you can find the cheapest domain name registration at

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Web.Com Web Design Services offers high quality do-it-yourself web design services. Hiring a professional company to design your website can be a huge expense, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Using a pre-designed template is a quick and easy way to create a customized website without the trouble of hiring a team of designers.’s templates can be customized enough to make them look unique, but the process is relatively quick. With thousands of designs available, there’s definitely going to be one to fit you business or organization. For businesses looking to sell products online, website design ecommerce templates are a great way to quickly build a virtual store of your products. You can use pre-built software to run your store and make money online while your physical storefront is closed. Most small business owners know that in this age they need to be online, but that truth doesn’t make it any easier. comes to the aid of those who don’t yet have an online presence. If you need a website, check out their website design packages, which include a free domain name. They offer free access to a library of stock images for your website design. They also provide free email accounts with your web hosting packages. You can check out their website to learn more and try out the easy to use design templates for yourself.

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BitTorrent looks to release syncing app…

You know for a platform that tries to get itself legitimized into proper things, it’s kind of odd that it took BitTorrent the P2P protocal long enough to brainstorm and come up with “hey  why don’t we use our protocol for p2p SYNCING, i mean we have the network working why not just add the algorithm to sync folders between computers, i mean they already have the bitlevel hashing algorithms done…..

Well looks like someone at BT finally figured it out and they are now working on “Sync” their P2P sync application using the bittorrent protocol. So basically BitTorrent’s version of a DropBox.

Source: Engadget

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Web Design and Hosting Review

I am a psychotherapist with a recently opened private practice and was looking for some options for web design and hosting. I knew absolutely nothing about setting up a web page or developing any type of online presence. I first heard of Network Solutions at the suggestion of a colleague who had been with their work. After looking up the company and finding glowing reviews, I decided to go for it.  I’m finding I could not be happier, particularly after hearing some of the horror stories from colleagues going through the same process.
Setting up my website was, honestly, an absolute breeze. I received exactly what I was looking for as simply and quickly as possible. From the very beginning, I was able to understand where I was in the process. I easily went from a simple idea to the fruition of an actual website. It’s crazy to think I have my own website now!
The prices were fantastic, particularly compared to some competing companies and I’ve have no issues whatsoever with service. I decided to use a personalized email through my website and find the interface is very easy to use and fits seamlessly with my smartphone, so I’m still able to interact with clients on the go.  There was only one point that required me to phone in and actually speak with someone. They were patient and spoke to me in a way I could easily understand. I would choose Network Solutions for web design and hosting again.
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Windows 8 Release Preview… ITS INCOMING

Well we knew it was coming but Microsoft apparently on a roll lately, is actually preempting there “First week of June” release timeframe by planning to release it On the 31st a Day early. It was leaked due to a mistakenly posted blog post announcing it that went up what appears to be a few hours too soon.

That said we haven’t got the official download links yet but as soon as they are out please check back and we’ll hook you up with the direct links to grab the new release.

For those that bitched, this is build 8400 that’s coming not 8250, RELEASE PREVIEW NOT CONSUMER PREVIEW. There’s been people on a bunch of sites whining that don’t realize there’s a difference between release and consumer previews.

Update: It’s HERE! I know i was late as hell as updating this post with the download link

On the bright side the fact that i’m so late does come with the nice fact that i have managed to get a good look at everything, and while theres no huge glaring changes in the Release preview the big boys at microsoft have done an awesome job fixing some of the smaller and more annoying changes as well as just truely hardening up the entire process to make it a solid new platform that i’m pretty sure  will make everyone happy when it does go RTM.

They have been adjusting and tweaking so much, but that’s to be expected since the new platform has to be able to support brand new mouses and keyboards and graphics cards, to slightly old hp 1200’s that we might be using in our offices.

We have already switched our entire office over to the new OS or atleast major parts of the technical department as a way to see how things will preform when we have to roll it out for the rest of the company. And after a few days of the new start screen driving people nuts everyones back to chugging along and i must say it is nice to sit at 1 screen and see updates…. I can’t wait till some of the corporate apps get live tiles so we can watch the start screen for emails/alerts/and other items from both the internet and our internal corp software platforms.

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