RIM in biiiiigggg trouble

293635I work for probably the last company on earth that still sells Blackberry’s as our primary product, then again I live in a pretty backwater island. I’ve told people constantly that we need to get a move on catching up with the way the rest of the world is going I mean you go to the US and you will nearly NEVER see a blackberry, even windows is starting to slowly make a comeback seeing EU rising to over 3% recently meanwhile news has hit that RIM’s Manufacturer warehouses are apparently sitting on… wait for it … ONE BILLION DOLLARS worth of merchandise LMFAO!

Seriously this isn’t me making it up, and this figure is RIM’s warehouse. NOT the retailers store rooms, which by a walk through manhattan recently is anything to go by any stock said retailers had, is probably majorly gathering dust as no one is even considering buying them.

I’m still trying to catch up on what all happened but I also hear that trading on RIM stock has been or will be suspended, and that RIM is currently hiring outside bank’s and research groups to recommend how to move forward. At this point I think everything is on the block from selling out their patents or the company itself, to bide time until there new OS is ready and then truly pray for a miracle that it gets picked up fast.

This coming hot on the heels of more and more executives seeing the writing on the wall apparently as they leave, all of executive positions with the company. A lot more than just a company shakeup from even the minor observers. At the rate that RIM is going there going to have to have a huge amount of US Money Reserves to be able to pull this one out of the trash. I mean you’ve now got Microsoft announcements for WP8 upcoming and apple and google hitting HARD. they really needed to release there new OS like a year ago to even think about being competitive in this day and age.

Source: News Observer

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Best direct IOS vs Mango video to date…

Ok I have been trying to explain to people why Windows phones are so awesome, the thing is still pictures DO NOT do WP7 or 7.5 justice, windows phone 7+ is a thing of beauty, Microsoft really did hit a home run… see the comparison below…. Its just so far beyond apple or even google at this point its not funny.

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Windows 8 Gets real new features announced

Well Windows 8 is getting a new UI, and it looks like this is continuing to look good, with an announcement of a new copy and paste UI that truely is a leap forward from even windows 7 that was better than the old vista, its great to see Microsoft pushing things forward so quickly, From XP to Vista to 7 we saw a great improvement and now with Windows 8 things are stepping up further. The Copy and Paste for files looks great with single box copying windows, with statistics and more details that blew me away, it might finally be an end to the need for things like teracopy.

The UI really does look sharp, and the video at the end of the article goes to show its not just a fancy new box joining things together, you have graphs that will really make performance monitoring on network copys much easier, and visually appealing even moreso than teracopy ever had.

It’s actually a little scary when i saw the screen to the left, why? Because its actually like Microsoft unlike some other companies has started to listen to it’s customers, and implement features that set it apart and actually make the computing experience, dare i say… Better, with filtering by location for conflicts, as well as highlighting differences between the conflicts so you can make smart choices on which one you really intend to keep.

The video below is of the demonstration and goes to show the above 2 scenarios as well as some other adjustments in the copy and paste process that really just are great improvements that have been coming for a long time. You see this is a proper OS update, New entire UI’s bringing features and improvements people have been wanting and asking for, unlike a certain Lion that turned out to be quite lackluster and sort of useless.

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Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Video FINALLY RELEASED!

What can I say but HOLY SHIT! I was in the multiplayer alpha and yes it was good i’m talking extremely well put together and balanced, you can see it was going to be intense, but there was only 1 personel carrier for the attackers so it honestly felt a little bit like COD on steroids… But after seeing this video of the real multiplayer for the game with them confirming jets in multiplayer, helicopters, and a bunch of other stuff holy crap… This game just because a MUST BUY.

You can catch the video below, and for the love of god please watch it in high def full screen, and while youtube doesn’t really capture it just stand knowing that all those epic bullet sounds and flybys are going to be epic! As the alpha I was in nailed the indoor battle’s and small scale combat that COD is famous for and apparently now this video shows that DICE is bringing their A game when it comes to there awe inspiring massive missions with massive outdoor campaign warfare…

Battlefield 3 doesn’t stand to be the game of the year, Battlefield 3 IS THE GAME OF THE DECADE, the alpha was amazing, the videos of whats coming are astounding and seriously this is the best I have ever seen or imagined coming any time soon. Battlefield 3 deserves to crush all the competitors and this is coming from someone who loved both BF and COD and HALO, BF3 is THAT EPIC!

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Lack of Updates, I’m Sorry, But maybe SEO will help in future

I’m sincerely sorry for the lack of updates to the site but i’ve been working on some good things. I run a lot of websites and as such I pretty much make my living off of ad-revenue, so the amount of traffic my sites get directly affect my way of living. God i hate ad-blockers, anyway… As such the more traffic i get the more my site perform and the more revenue i make so that i can spend more time dedicating to hobby sites like NexTechNews. I’ve been talking to an SEO consultant about making adjustments to both this site and my other sites to optimize there search engine traffic.

Theres a lot of things that certain Dallas SEO companies have been suggesting that make me feel like i can really turn around the lackluster traffic to actually get things to the point where my money making sites can actually run on there own and really bring in soem change for me. As things progress i will be monitoring the movement of the sites in the search engine to see how things are performing and if the Dallas SEO services i have aquired have been really pushing my sites to where I want them but from what I can see so far things are going well, i’ve started to have a few of my sites rebound and get going again from where they seem to in the past few months gone completely dormant traffic wise, though that’s more my fault than anyone elses as i sort of stopped making adjustments and updating the sites, possibly even worse so than i treated NTN something that I hope to have remedied very shortly. NTN should start seeing regular posts again as soon as the rest of my network of sites SEO picks up and gets some solid SERP traffic that will get me the open time to really work on sites like NTN that i truely love writing for.

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